Robotics and Vacuum Technology - the perfect combination

Automation is one of the most important keys to sustainable success in the modern world of work. Intelligent vacuum technology adds to this claim in an ideal way. As collaborative robots (or “cobots”) lighten the workload of people, vacuum technology from euroTECH offers you an interface allowing you take-up material more easily.

eTvac Handling - die clevere Art, Lasten zu heben

The complete solution is called Cobot Lift.

Cobot Lift

The plug-and-play solution for your company

Together with our robotics partner, we have created Cobot Lift, an automated lifting unit. The collaborative robots, the control system, the teach pendant, the vacuum tube lifter, eT-Lift, as well as pumps and cranes are perfectly coordinated with each other. This results in the achievement of maximum flexibility and mobility in automated lifting of up to 45 kg.

This unique system unites the power of our tube lifter with the advantages of the UR10 collaborative robot from Universal Robots. With this expert combination, the Cobot can lift loads of up to three times the payload. Its compact size saves valuable space.

The Cobot Lift allows for direct collaboration between humans and machines. Operating personnel can safely unload loads without having babysit the Cobot.

How would you like loads to be lifted in the future?

Cobot Lift offers two solutions!

Der mobile Cobot Lift hebt 10 kg und integriert Roboter, Steuerung, Programmierhandgerät, Hubschlauch und Pumpe sowie einen Kran in einer einzigen Einheit: Maximale Flexibilität und Mobilität bei minimalem Platzbedarf.

The stationary Cobot Lift is securely mounted to the ground. It increases the payload of the Cobot from 10 to 45 kg and is ideal for collaborative palletizing/depalletizing or for pick-and-place tasks.

What loads do you need to lift?

With the Cobot Lift you can lift up to 45 kg

made of plastic
made of paper


cardboard boxes


hard or soft suitcases


glass pallets
metal plates
wooden plates


made of plastic
made of metal

We are an authorised Cobot Lift-Partner Partner for Germany. Would you like to learn more about the Cobot Lift? We look forward to speaking with you one-on-one!