eT-Grabo, the resourceful handheld vacuum grabber

Our electronic handheld vacuum grabber, eT-Grabo, is the world’s first battery-operated vacuum handheld grabber. It can hold onto almost any surface. Even porous, rough, or uneven surfaces can be tackled with ease. Its versatility makes it an essential tool for practically anyone doing manual labor: packers, furniture movers, installers, delivery drivers, gardeners, farmers, vintners, DIYers, and even homeowners.

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eTvac Handling - die clevere Art, Lasten zu heben

Handheld grabber type eT-Grabo-NemoPro

So small,

yet so strong

The digital vacuum gauge, which uses an LCD display, not only shows the low pressure that has been reached, but can also show the loads capable of being lifted. Once the necessary vacuum has been produced the handheld grabber pump stops automatically, as soon as the vacuum subsides it starts again. This automated monitoring ensures the greatest possible safety.

eT-Grabo-NemoPro Dichtung
Will it form an airtight seal?

Absolutely! The seal material is composed of a special chloroprene natural rubber. The sealing lip is inserted into the plastic base plate and is secured by internal stress. If it ever wears out it can be replaced quickly and inexpensively. Additional rubber pads are installed which allow for additional holding power during vertical handling.

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