eT-Gripper area gripper from euroTECH

When working with wood, metal, ceramics or similar materials, some challenges can arise during the production process. Boards and panels are not only often uneven, warped or wavy, they may also have cracks, holes, drillings, splits or knotholes. In addition, the surfaces may be contaminated with dust, sawdust, packaging carriers or bark residue. eT-Gripper area grippers can be used wherever suction plates are not sufficient. The vacuum suction boxes (area grippers) of the eT-Gripper series can handle a wide range of materials, dimensions and surfaces with ease.

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eT-Gripper area gripper

Saugkästen, Flächengreifer, eT-Gripper

Flexible and easy to handle

The eT-Gripper series suction boxes from euroTECH are ideally-suited for handling loads with varying surfaces, lengths, widths or undefined loading positions. This allows you to lift loads with widely different characteristics sequentially without modifying your equipment.

Even lifting multiple different parts simultaneously is no problem for an eT-Gripper. No matter whether it’s a line of cans, loose boards lying next to each other, or items in different shapes and sizes.

If the loads to be lifted are heavily structured, roughly sawn or porous, a suction mat is used. It creates a vacuum-sealed connection between the load and the suction box by sealing the coarse surface of the load while offsetting its level differences.

For lifting unstructured, thin or unstable loads, the suction boxes are usually equipped with small bellow suction cups, which create the necessary stability even for thin and fragile boards. The suction carpet in the bellow suction cups suffers from less wear than a suction mat. In addition, a single worn-out suction cup is easier to replace than an entire mat. this saves not only time but also money, making the process more sustainable and low-maintenance.

eT-Gripper Saugkasten Anwendung bei Firma Wintersteiger/VAP

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