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euroTECH develops solar testing device 4.0

Panels and collectors play an important role for the energy revolution. An increasing number of manufacturers and distributors of modules and substructures raise the question of product stability and quality. Several standards exist for the mechanical load capacity of photovoltaic and solar heat systems. euroTECH Handling GmbH in Rosenfeld developed a testing device for this purpose many years ago, which can be used to test far beyond the current standards.


euroTECH Vertriebs GmbH is becoming euroTECH Handling GmbH

The company formerly known as euroTECH Vertriebs GmbH is going into the new year full of vigour, under the new name “euroTECH Handling GmbH”. The company’s name change emphasises its continuous development as a specialist in customer-oriented handling solutions and highlights the expansion of its services beyond vacuum technology.


Safe and productive with vacuum technology

euroTECH supports agricultural machinery manufacturer CLAAS with vacuum lifting technology.
In the production of agricultural vehicles, a lot of emphasis is placed on individual configurations and superstructures. People are often required to carry out assembly work here. To make the handling of large or sharp-edged parts safer and more ergonomic, the CLAAS company uses vacuum lifting technology from euroTECH. The Rosenfeld specialists adapted the lifting devices from the extensive standard range exactly to CLAAS’ needs.


Vacuum-powered sheet metal handling – an investment in the future

At the trade fair, the company will be exhibiting its eT-Hover lifting devices in the all-round, loop, univac and univac-line designs. Depending on design, these models allow the user to handle loads of up to 750 kg, with smooth or structured surfaces, ergonomically and semi-automatically. As well as a horizontal and vertical intake and guidance system, they offer a comfortable swivelling range of 360 degrees and/or an electromechanical slewing range of up to 180 degrees. Manufacturers of curved sheet metal for the agricultural, chemical, food or building industries are only a few of the many clients who profit from the favourable vacuum handling properties of the eT-Hover-univac.


Let Robi handle it!

The combination of a collaborative robot and state-of-the-art vacuum technology is the perfect solution to relieve the strain on people during lifting operations. Instead of working behind a protective fence as usual, the collaborative robot works side by side with humans. This saves space, time and therefore money. At the same time, it protects the health of the employees. As a leader in this field, the Danish manufacturer Cobot Lift offers mobile and stationary solutions. In Germany, euroTECH Vertriebs GmbH is the exclusive partner of Cobot Lift and complements the clever way of lifting with sophisticated vacuum technology.


The answer to a staff shortage

Wood processor Schnurr uses partial automation from euroTECH on its crosscut saw. The partially automated solution is around 15 times faster, relieves the workforce, and requires no safety fence. / Picture: euroTECH


eT-Grabo – as indispensable as a cordless screwdriver

Do you still remember your first cordless screwdriver and how it radically changed the way you work? Nemo Power Tools LLC has developed the patented GRABO series of handheld grabbers – a versatile power tool that has what it takes to similarly change the world of work. Anyone who has to lift glass, wood, tiles or slabs of any kind on a daily basis will be amazed at how easily and ergonomically materials can be handled with an eT-Grabo-NemoPro. euroTECH Vertriebs GmbH in Rosenfeld has the professional tool in its range, as well as the latest hand lifting product from GRABO – the eT-Grabo-Otto, for exclusively smooth surfaces.

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