Achieve greater results with fewer assembly personnel using our eT-Litocran700

Our newest product is an innovation consisting of the ingenious combination of an extremely versatile 3D head on a telescopic arm with our vacuum lifting device, the

Discover our eT-Litocran700

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The eT-Litocran700

Meet the “Red Gazelle”

You might ask yourself what a gazelle, or more precisely the giraffe gazelle (Litocranius in Latin) and the eT-Litocran700 from euroTECH have in common?
It’s the ease with which the giraffe gazelle stands and the precision with which it retrieves only the best tasting leaves from trees. The eT-Litocran700 offers unprecedented 3D fine-tuned control for fast, low-labor mounting of windows, as well as glass and façade elements.


The device is operated intuitively using radio remote control. All movements are totally smooth, controlled and very precise.


Equipped with a quick-change mechanism the eT-Litocran700 is mounted on a crane or telescopic handler. Thanks to a built-in power supply, no connections to the vehicle are required. The corresponding vacuum lifting device can also be removed using a quick-change mechanism and used as a standalone unit. The arrangement of suction cups can be adjusted in many ways.


Thanks to the 3D head, the vacuum lifter can be positioned in every position imaginable. The telescopic arm can pivot and rotate. Windows can be installed at an angle of 90 degrees to the telescopic handler without having to move it. Even complicated overhead maneuvers and overcoming obstacles such as balcony rails pose no problem at all. The eT-Litocran700 offers maximum flexibility requiring minimum personnel.

The eT-Litocran700 in use

Can you imagine a future without having to manually drag windows up several flights of stairs? We imagined that future, too. And then we built the eT-Litocran700.