Plant construction by euroTECH

Since its inception in 1996, euroTECH has risen to become a trusted industry leader in the field of vacuum handling. Our determination and ability to remain 100% focused on fulfilling our customers’ exacting requirements has resulted in the many projects we have been awarded. We continue to rely on our many years of project experience and the extensive expertise of our designers to develop innovative, top-quality vacuum solutions for plant construction.

eTvac Handling - die clevere Art, Lasten zu heben
Anlagenbau von euroTECH

euroTECH vacuum technology for plant construction

Everything begins with an idea

We are your skilled partner for all your vacuum lifting technology needs.

Our seasoned team will be by your side from the initial idea to the commissioning of a system, ensuring that all procedures fit together perfectly. We assess the feasibility of our customers’ wishes and use our experience to achieve an optimum design. Once the concept is in place, we immediately move to implementation. In this way, our customers benefit from the tried-and-tested euroTECH team approach: Putting practical experience into practice! We will be at your side throughout the project to provide advice and assistance.

The wide range of possibilities offered by vacuum technology offers solutions for you as a customer. We show you results regardless of whether it’s in relation to modification of a floor-mounted appliance or an entire customer-specific system - euroTECH offers the optimal solution for every application. What is your wish? Call us today, because we aren’t just suppliers of vacuum technology: we’re your expert team and the first choice when it comes to efficient and customer-orientated solutions.

Sometimes less is more

More flexibility, even for lot size 1

With a vacuum picking system from euroTECH, plate material is automatically prepared for further use. Material handling with vacuum technology from euroTECH ensures consistent quality and reduces the physical strain on the employees who were previously picking the plates manually.

With ever increasing storage costs influencing purchasing decisions, more and more customers choose or are required to maintain very small inventories. From lot size 1 and up, very small quantities pose no problems for our systems.

From high bay warehouses with integrated vacuum picking systems to systems adapted to individual requirements, we offer complete solutions for the most varied of tasks.

Loading and unloading has never been so simple

Automating the loading and unloading of your machining and production systems has many advantages: Operator health is protected, as unloading no longer requires heavy physical work. Integrated separating units ensure smooth operations, increasing production security. Surface damage is prevented by mechanical intake systems. euroTECH loading systems allow for faster cycle times and faster execution. This means better performance in less time.

What project can we support you with? We look forward to speaking with you in person.