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euroTECH offers you the whole range of vacuum technology for standard and special applications. Our material suppliers have been carefully chosen and tested. Our in-house laboratory systematically tests the quality of our components. From suction plates with flat or bellows suction cups to an extensive range of accessories, we offer the right accessories for every application. Whatever you want to lift, with our vacuum components you will be able to move your loads safely and effectively. Even structured loads can be transported with euroTECH vacuum components without an issue.


Increase the productivity of your system too, using authentic euroTECH components. We support you in making the optimum choice for your application and are happy to provide you with advice.

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Beste Vakuumkomponenten für Ihre Projekte

Vacuum components

Modular construction system

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We offer a huge range of vacuum components and matching accessories. The varied suction cup materials are precisely tailored to your needs. The design of euroTECH components is sustainable as most of our suction plates are not vulcanized. This allows for the rubber suction cup seals to be replaced quickly and easily, saving you time and money. This avoids unnecessary waste, protecting the environment as well as your budget.

Beste Vakuumkomponenten für Ihre Projekte
Beste Vakuumkomponenten für Ihre Projekte

Our sustainable modular construction system offers another advantage: the huge variety of combinations. You can combine seals from several sizes, with different suspensions and a variety of different materials. This variety makes it possible to easily re-equip your machines - so it is always suitable for the respective material of the load being lifted.

We’ve got the right components ready for any type of handling. For expert advice you can rely on, contact us today at +49 7428 93912-0


Please don’t leave any marks!

Even when it comes to modern high gloss products or plates that still need to be painted, there’s no place for suction cup marks. This makes it even nicer that we’re able to offer you our MTC protection cover. The patented covers ensure resistance to marks during handling while maintaining the highest possible adhesion force. With this, even Sherlock Holmes would struggle to find marks.

Bester Schutz für empfindliche Oberflächen - euroTECH MTC

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